Shenzhen Tong into the opening countdown at the beginning of November announced the opening date tamiflu

Shenzhen Tong into the opening countdown at the beginning of November announced the opening date: Sina App live on-line blogger to guide Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Information about the Hongkong stock exchange published more data to facilitate the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the market for business and technical preparation of the preparatory work is nearing the end of wildly beating gongs and drums to advance, in the next one or two days will be announced in detail – reporter Zhu Baochen Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the "car" time is getting closer, and the relevant details will also surfaced. In September 28th, HKEx chief executive officer Li Xiaojia revealed to the media at the postal savings bank H-share listing ceremony, this week will be announced on the Shenzhen Hong Kong through many details, is expected in early November is expected to be officially announced to the outside world through the opening date of shenzhen. He also said that the Shenzhen Hong Kong through all the preparatory work is nearing the end of wildly beating gongs and drums to advance, in the next one or two days will be announced in detail, in order to let the market know, ready to broker. The next few weeks, to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange comprehensive review of these work, will choose a Shenzhen Hong Kong gate "a lucky day". But earlier this month, Li Xiaojia said that the Shenzhen Tong system will be at the end of October to be put to the test in early November after the completion of the test date announced officially launched. It is reported that the Hongkong stock exchange and Hongkong settlement will hold a connection test and two market exercise from October to November, make preparations for the examination of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through brokerage. And the Shenzhen market of Hong Kong stocks through business networking test has officially begun, with nearly 40 brokerage Hundsun cooperation started in September 12th for the first connectivity test, is expected to end in September 30th October, beginning a business simulation test. In addition to a series of tests, and the Shenzhen Hong Kong through promotion, business training is also wildly beating gongs and drums to start. According to the "Securities Daily" reporter, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will be held in Hongkong in October 13th the Shenzhen investors through the promotion, then the Shenzhen Stock Exchange chairman Wu Lijun, Shenzhen SME Board companies management department director Fu Binghui, China securities registration and settlement Shenzhen Branch issued business department Zhang Lin, deputy director, HKEx chief executive Li Xiaojia etc. will attend. September 26th, China Securities Association and the Beijing Securities Industry Association jointly organized by the Hongkong stock market and Hong Kong stocks through business training. Hongkong correspondent on the recent development of the Hong Kong stock market situation, the Hongkong market refinancing and letter Phi rules and Hong Kong stocks through the company’s behavior and other issues of concern to the market participants interact. In 2016 third the registration and settlement business training activities held China before the settlement date, for the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the progress of the project, but also increased the Shenzhen market of Hong Kong stocks through business related courses, including depository and conclusion相关的主题文章:

Sales of home appliances in the first quarter of the first tier cities deserted Stores – home applia zhuxianduowan

At the beginning of the fourth quarter sales of home appliances home appliance stores — first-tier cities deserted — original title: at the beginning of the fourth quarter sales of home appliances stores deserted first-tier cities annual "eleven" golden week is four retail enterprises performance highlights, home appliance chain stores is no exception, but the reporter visited a number of stores found that this year’s "eleven" golden week, sales of home appliances is hot and cold. Reporters visited the home appliance stores in Beijing, a number of core sites found that the bulk of the phenomenon of physical store sales decline, eleven during the store rare. However, in the three or four line of the city, physical stores daily passenger access content is higher, the core area of the main store staff still bursting phenomenon. At the same time, the reporter found, on online channels for physical stores under the line against foreign brands and local brands market share of smart products of high rate, instead of the traditional products, have become this year "eleven" during the sales of home appliances new features. Foreign brands continue to shrink in a home appliance store in Beijing, the reporter saw, although the festive atmosphere is very strong, but the whole store did not appear lively scene. "Eleven people back home, the customer is not less unusual situation, our sales staff is the holiday, or let other brands help to see the counter." One of Gome’s sales staff told reporters that the past is the most busy time, in recent years the "eleven", but they are slow. Reporters learned that the eleven hottest sales in the stores are actually in advance. Many consumers will choose to go out before the holiday vacation to focus on the purchase, so that part of the store sales climax usher in the holiday. However, on the contrary, in the three or four line of the city, the "eleven" ushered in a veritable golden week". In Jiangsu City, the north of the road through the Su Ning, a holiday, they ushered in the bustling scene of the crowd of people gathered in Lianyungang. A lot of people come back from the field, home appliances will be selected." Suning sales person in charge told reporters: "in the three or four line of the city, the holiday shopping stores is still a custom in many areas there are stores full of the phenomenon, the entire holiday period, sales stores can turn on a few times." At the same time, the reporter found, on online channels for physical stores under the line against foreign brands and local brands market share of smart products of high rate, instead of the traditional products, have become the new characteristics of the National Day sales this year. Only from the "big four" of the television, Orville yunwang released data show that in September 30th, color TV, air conditioning, ice wash, small kitchen and other major categories have been rising sharply over the previous two days average growth of nearly 25%. Among them, the smart TV market share reached 89%, the color TV industry will be eliminated traditional non smart tv. At the same time, the PRC data show that during the national day, the big screen TV consumption ushered in the outbreak, 55 inches above the TV and TV sales accounted for the overall proportion of up to 45.78%, up 11.35 percentage points, the proportion of sales of 67.76%, an increase of 10.17 percentage points, 85 inches and above large screen TV market retail sales volume grew. 169%. )相关的主题文章:

Shenzhen is now 6 square meters of dove cage official explanation the apartment is not residential

Shenzhen is now 6 square meters of dove cage official explanation: the apartment is not residential Shenzhen, a small area of 6 square meters of red explosion in recent days. Folding bed in room. Shenzhen evening news micro-blog map of the property known as the "overseas Chinese town", the property is located in Nanshan District overseas Chinese town of Shahe East Road and the intersection of the new road, the entire district a total of 169 sets of hardcover apartment. The attention of the 6 square meters of small units are located in the 6 floor to the 15 floor. Almost every floor has a small area of about 6.61 square meters of a small house, a total of 9 sets, are flat, ranging from an area of 5.73 square meters to 7.48 square meters. Together with the developers donated area, the actual use of an area of about 12 square meters. Allegedly, the 9 sets of small apartment layout has been sold, and sold the price reached 150000 yuan per square meter. Internal facilities. Shenzhen evening news micro-blog figure surging news query multiple real estate intermediary website found that real estate intermediary introduced the real estate that overseas Chinese town is blending the original Xiang Qi observation tower renovation project. Some websites say the project is owned by the Shenzhen overseas Chinese town group. But then the overseas Chinese town to surging news denied the news, said the project is not the overseas Chinese town project, is in under the guise of overseas Chinese town, the company will judge whether the act of tort law. The media reported that the sale of 6 square meters of large-sized apartment real estate license is red. Real estate license registration information display: this house is an area of 6.68 square meters of real property rights, land use rights in 1998, the property rights of the year of the year, belong to the standard of the purchase of residential products limited by credit. And in fact, as early as a month before, "Shenzhen Evening News" in August 2nd had reported that the Shenzhen municipal planning and land resources administration committee Nanshan reply said that "dove cage" apartment layout does not belong to the residential apartment layout, has nothing to do with the real estate sale. The reply said: "in 1999" Shenzhen is a city construction planning permit "," Shenzhen city in 2006 to obtain qualified construction planning acceptance certificate ", the building function for apartment and office." 2007 real estate for the initial registration of real estate, of which 6 to a total of 15 sets of apartments transferred to Chen Moumou, such as individual owners, the same year for the transfer of the registration of the two level of 169. In these 169 apartments, there are 12 sets of construction area of between 5.73 to 15.18 square meters. At present, the real estate is Shenzhen City Hunan Vantage Capitals Ltd to buy after renovation, sales to the society. Then this is the real estate market behavior of the three acts of transfer, which is commonly known as the secondary housing transactions, and real estate pre-sale unrelated. At the same time, referred to the Shenzhen Committee of city planning and Land Resources Management Bureau is still in the Nanshan reply, the building of 1 to 5 for the office, 6 to 15 for the apartment, do not belong to the house. And Shenzhen city planning and Land Resources Committee has never approved a similar "dove cage" residential apartment layout, in the planning approval in the future will be strictly according to the law review, to ensure that residential apartment layout design conforms to the provisions of the state and provincial and municipal building design specification. It is understood that there is a big difference between residential and residential property rights. In general, if the commercial real estate built on the premises of the project is commercial nature, it can not be settled, it can not meet the needs of enrollment. In addition, in accordance with the "residential construction.相关的主题文章:

Surveying and mapping Youth Exchange innovative experience 85 after the girl hand drawn map p masa-c

Mapping of Youth Exchange innovative experiences   85 after the girl was like a hand drawn map — technology — Zhen man painted a map of Nanluogu Lane in Beijing in October 9, (Zhao Zhuqing) to "youth? Strong" as the theme of the 2016 Youth Day activities of Surveying and mapping geographic information mapping industry held in Beijing today, young people have to show display skills to the full. Talent and love for the cause of Surveying and mapping. Especially in the city of Beijing Institute of Surveying and mapping of the 85 Beijing show a male girl Zhen won the hand drawn map of a praise. In the presentation of the map of the hand painted Nanluogu Lane map, not only won the two prize for youth technical innovation, but also made a appearance patent. A man with "mozheng Zhen" to describe her about the job dedication, she also enjoyed the pleasure of innovation. It is reported that currently is in the process of making Zhen man Beijing city series of hand drawn map of the idle away in seeking pleasure. With the mobile phone positioning, vehicle navigation, map the popularity of the Internet, in recent years, the fusion of traditional surveying and Mapping Science and emerging cloud computing, networking, mobile Internet technology depth, geographic information service into the life of each person. Li Pengde, deputy director of the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping geographic information, said, from the traditional mapping technology, to digital mapping, and then to the information mapping, scientific and Technological Innovation led to the development of Surveying and mapping geographic information. Today, the geographic information industry as a strategic emerging industry, has maintained an annual increase of over 20%, has become an important field of public entrepreneurship, innovation. The activities sponsored by Chinese surveying and Mapping Science Research Institute and the Liaoning Technical University, with the youth keynote speeches, conference reports, young scholars report, academic forums and other forms of exchange of learning platform for the mapping of youth, held every two years, has held three sessions. (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章:

Couples holding two listed companies Yan earned 260 million down assets isobuster

Yan couple holding two listed companies "down" assets earned 260 million hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stocks the latest rating simulated trading client diagnosis sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to make you take the can make you my Securities Times reporter Zhou Shaojie husband’s company restructuring difficulties you his wife’s company, generosity, Technology Holdings (600634) and Hondar mining (600532) recently played overseas assets on the back". HTC mining September 12th evening announcement, intends to sign a deal would Acer Shanghai equity investment 25% network science and technology limited company sold to technology holdings. The bail-out restructuring in less than three years, the technology holding announced today will reorganization into the divestiture, return the funds to enter the cultural and entertainment industries. At the end of June this year announced the suspension planning major events in July 13th holdings took out a restructuring plan, the proposed price of 2 billion 417 million yuan to transfer its holdings of 94.49% pile technology industry to the enterprise actual control of the company’s Shanghai Yi Peng Yan Jinggang stake. Technology Holdings 2015 performance decline, the decline in performance is the main cause of product sales decreased greatly, the concrete precast pile and pile in 2015 sales were 778 million yuan and 81 million yuan, compared with the previous year decreased by 56% and 75% respectively. The company semi annual report in 2016 showed that the first half of this year continues to decline. In this regard, the technology of controlling shareholders "bite plate", 2 billion 400 million yuan to buy 1 billion 700 million yuan into the original pile technology industry listed companies. Listed companies will peel off precast concrete pile related business, to retain industrial investment and housing rental business, the return of funds into the cultural and entertainment industries. Technology Holdings also revealed that the company in July 11th and Shanghai pintian venture investment partnership (limited partnership) signed the "purchase intention agreement", the company intends to acquire a controlling stake in investment holdings of macro investment goods field network. It is understood that the macro network core investment assets held by the Jagex gaming company has a 100% stake in the company, is the UK’s leading game developers and publishers, the main products for the RuneScape game, the game is well-known in Europe and a high degree of customer groups throughout the United States, Britain, Canada and other areas of the game game player. 2015, the company achieved revenue of $88 million 96 thousand, net profit of $38 million 650 thousand, which accounted for 64.6% of revenue, profitability is very strong. In addition, Jagex game company is currently being launched RuneScape (Battler RPG) mobile games and RuneScape NEXT, Chronic CCG, such as the derivation of a new game. On the back coincidentally, in July 2nd this year, Hondar mining announced the completion of overseas investment matters, the company shares of the company Acer investment network has completed the subject of the company’s acquisition of British Jagex games. Equity registration is completed, the macro network investment together hold 100% stake in the company of British Jagex games, koron相关的主题文章: